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GA-3600W24 model


Packed with industry leading technology and top quality components, GOODWAY GA-3600/W24 combines strong constructions, customizable integrated interface for chucks, and efficient chip disposal capabilities to bring you the top choice of aluminum wheel turning center in the market. With the advantages of the load / unload feature, GA-3600/W24 series can rapidly replace cam arms and ring locators to complete 1st and 2nd operations all at once. You can combine 2 sets GA-3600/W24 machines with a machining center and robot arm to form a high performance production line that is sure to meet your turning applications for aluminum wheels of today and tomorrow.

Extremely powerful high-torque spindles deliver 2.5 ~ 4 times the torque output of standard spindles.
Extra large X and Z-axis servo motors provide rapid acceleration and deceleration and powerful thrust. Max. feed rate can reach up to 20 m/min and 24 m/min.
In order to endure the machine's high outputs with durability, heavy-duty roller bearings are used to support the spindles and axes guide ways are of super-rigid box ways design.

Automatic Aluminum Wheels Production Line

Goodway production line for aluminum wheels incl. 2 sets GA-3600/W24, a machining center with robot arm and automatic accuracy detection system. From loading, front and rear turning, drilling, tapping, unloading and accuracy test can be finish in one complete production line. It greatly reduce manpower and time for fixture adjustment to form a high efficiency of aluminum wheels production.
( Goodway provides customized service with best solution for production line. )

processing_01 OP1

Rough cutting on a sloping edge, Fine Boring in the center, Fine cutting on a sloping edge, Rough cutting on the bottom of a wheel,
Fine cutting on the bottom of a wheel.

processing_02 OP2

Rough cutting on the bottom of a wheel,
Fine cutting on the bottom of a wheel.

O.D. Fine Turning
Tools Turning Diameter
( mm )
Cutting Length
( mm )
Cutting Speed
( m/min )
Feed Rate
( mm/rev )
Spindle load Single Side
( mm )
TMS HHG 630 495.0 90.0 600 0.50 53% 4
Surface Roughness
wave surface
Ra= 0.99 μm
Specialized Aluminum Wheel Finger Chuck
A module design chuck enables processing different sizes of aluminum wheels by simply replacing the cam arm and adjusting the ring locator, thus saving more acquisition costs.
The finger chuck can easily clamp materials with burs and the standard positioning disc provides accuracy which increases loading efficiency.

( Hydraulic chuck is optional based on customer's requirements. Goodway provides profound customized service. )