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Machining Variations

Flexible multi-task supported and abundant standard and optional functions provided the SW series powerful processing ability.

Cross machining Front off-center drilling & tapping Rear off-center drilling & tapping Front / Rear simultaneous drilling & tapping Main & Sub-spindle simultaneous machining
Deep hole drilling ( for SW-32 only )
Sub-spindle applied 2 U-Drill devices which can offer deep hole drilling requirement but additional tool position is no needed.
With high pressure coolant system, it can ensure the best deep hole drill performance.
  • Tool diameter : Ø 1.32 mm
  • Tool length : 150 mm
  • High-pressure coolant system : 140 Bar
  • Material : SUS303
  • Hobbing ( option )
    Gear hobbing tools holder is particularly much higher strength, smaller volume and more convenient for changing. It provides larger machining range of gear hobbing with excellent machining accuracy on surface.
    Slotting ( option )
    Using slotting driven tools to provide high efficiency and extend tool life compare to normal end milling tools.

    Thread whirling ( option )
    By using multiple cutters of thread whirling tools and technology of pneumatic coolant to remove the chips to achieve the demand of machining high speed and high accuracy of thread.

    Polygon turning ( option )
    By using the speed ratio of spindle and driven tool holders to provide rapid polygon turning ability.

    Angle head driven tools ( option )
    High rigidity, easily angle adjustment for bevel machining. Adjust range ( -90°~+90 ° ). Every 5 degree divided positioning.