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The curvature of the CURVIC teeth provides a very unique self-centering feature and wider uniform tooth contact throughout all the teeth. The CURVIC teeth are hardened to HRC 58, which ensures the coupling retains its high accuracy characteristics over long periods of use.
Ø 450 mm diameter super high precision CURVIC couplings with 12,000 Kg of clamping force ensures abundant turret rigidity for all cutting conditions.
The 12-station heavy-duty servo indexing turret achieves 0.5 second indexing times for adjacent stations and 1.5 second times for stations at the opposite end of the disk turret.
The standard 12-station turret is capable of turning Ø 380 mm diameter work pieces without causing interference even when using boring tools.


Working with the live tooling turret and C-axis control enables the machine to perform multiple tasks such as turning, milling, drilling, and tapping. It can prevent machining error causing by moving the work piece from one machine to another thus saving cycle time and manpower.
More powerful than a standard 40-taper machining center, the live tooling turret is driven by a 9 kW ( 30 min. ) AC double wound high torque spindle motor to provide ample power, now, even the toughest of jobs may be tackled without a sweat.
The 12-station live tooling turret offers 12 stations available for live tooling, live tools rotate in working position only to reduce power loss and heat.
GOODWAY live tooling turret utilizes advance servo indexing technology to achieve 0.5 second indexing times for adjacent stations and 1.5 second for stations at the opposite end of the disk.