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Sub-spindle not available on GA-2000 series
Live tooling capabilities on the GA series allows a work piece to be turned, milled, drilled and tapped without moving it to another machine.
The 12-station GOODWAY live tooling turret offers 12 stations available for live tooling ( live tooling tools rotate in working position only ) and features a non-lifting turret disk.
GOODWAY’s live tooling turret utilizes the latest servo indexing technology to achieve 0.2 second indexing times for adjacent stations and 0.5 second for stations at the opposite end of the disk.
With the latest technology, live tooling is driven by an AC servo motor to provide ample power, in the from of torque. Now, even the toughest of jobs may be tackled without a sweat.


The Cf-axis and disk brake system available on the GA series provides the most rigid and powerful type of C-axis on the market today. In Cf-axis mode, a servo motor is engaged and drives the rotation of the spindle, engagement time is less than 2 seconds.
Working with the live tooling turret, the Cf-axis and disk brake system enables the machine to perform drilling, tapping, and milling operations, including cylindrical and polar coordinate interpolations ( resembling a 4th-axis rotary table on a machining center ).
With the FANUC servo motor generating an ultra high resolution of 33,000,000 pulses per spindle rotation and 354 lb-ft of torque, surface finishes are much superior than Cs-axis ( driven by spindle motor ) equipped machines. Plus, dynamic accuracy is within ±0.02° even under heavy cutting loads.


0˚ Live Tool Holder Daul-Face Turning Holder 90˚ Live Tool Holder Daul-Face Turning Holder Daul-Face Turning Holder

GOODWAY dual-face turning holder allow both sides of a disk-type work piece to be machined at the same time. Tool holder automatically spreads open for retracting tooling to avoid damage to the turned surfaces.

Daul-Face Turning Holder
Machining time is reduced by over 50%.
No Unwanted turning marks.
Excellent surface quality by using a viper geometry ground insert.
Reduce vibration & increase parallelism accuracy utilizing symmetrical cutting pressure.
Hydraulical movement with adjustable block.
Setups are easy with the integration of both hydraulic and spring activation.